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Frequently Asked Questions

Farmington & Farmington Hills Grand River CIA Development Districts
View this document in PDF format. Farmington & Farmington Hills Grand River CIA Development Districts

What is a Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA)?

A Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA), made available to communities through Michigan Public Act 280 of 2005, is a tool to correct and prevent deterioration in business districts, encourage historic preservation, and promote economic growth.

Why have Farmington and Farmington Hills created two CIAs along Grand River?

Grand River Avenue, east of Downtown Farmington, is an area of the two Cities that has seen minimal investment as compared to the Greater Farmington Area. In some locations along the Corridor, disinvestment, under investment, and vacancies have resulted in declining property values and properties not being used to their highest and best use. The Farmington and Farmington Hills community feels this corridor can be much more. The CIA Act provides a mechanism to create a long-term economic development strategy and the resources to implement such a strategy.

What are the project boundaries?

The Grand River CIA boundaries extend from Mayfield Street in Farmington to Eight Mile Road in Farmington Hills. For, a map click here.

Who is involved?

The Grand River CIAs are led by two seven-member boards made up of property owners within and adjacent to the Corridor including both commercial and residential interests. The two boards are supported by staff from both Farmington and Farmington Hills. For more information, click here.

How is the CIA funded?

A Corridor Improvement Authority is most commonly funded by Tax Increment Financing, but can also be funded by grants, gifts, donations, revenues, special assessments, and other sources approved by the City Councils. For more information, click here.

What is the Grand River Corridor Vision Plan?

The Grand River Corridor Vision Plan paints a broad picture of the community’s vision for redevelopment. Additionally, it lays out recommendations to help achieve the vision. The Plan provides a framework for the CIA Boards to complete the statutorily required Development and TIF Plans.

What is a Development and Tax Increment Finance Plan?

A Development Plan describes the Development District and the projects the CIA plans to complete within the district. A Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Plan describes how the Development Plan will be funded and the impact and procedures regarding local taxing jurisdictions.

How can I learn more?

For additional information, please direct your inquiry to City of Farmington or City of Farmington Hills staff.

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