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A Vision for Grand River


The Grand River Corridor will provide a balance of land uses that will reinvigorate and enhance both the business and residential communities. A variety of developments will bring together combinations of shopping, living, working and recreation in settings marked by distinctive architecture, public gathering areas and transportation options.

Oakland County One Stop Shop



Grand River Corridor Improvement Authority

Following the completion of a two‐year grant‐funded feasibility process, the Cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills moved forward with a cooperative effort to revitalize the Grand River Corridor. In October 2011, both communities created a Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA). Through an inter‐local agreement, these two Authorities were charged with the task of breathing new life into a Corridor that, despite its strengths, has seen decline and disinvestment. Thank you for your interest in the Grand River Corridor. For updates on the Grand River Corridor Improvement Authorities, sign up for the e‐newsletter.

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